ICT /Computer


MS Word Shortcut key :

Shift+F3 Capitalize selected text
Cltr+Shift + Superscript (select text)
Cltr + Subscript (select text)
Alt+P+S+P Page Setup
Alt+O+P Paragraph
Alt+O+B Border and Shading
Alt+O+N Insert bullet
Alt+I,S Insert symbol
Ctrl+N Create new document
Ctrl+O Open document
Ctrl+W Close document
Ctrl+S Save document
F12 Save document as
Ctrl+P Print document/ print preview
Ctrl+PageDown Move to next page
Ctrl+PageUp Move to previous page
Ctrl+End Move to End
Ctrl+Home Move to Home
Ctrl+A Select entire document
Ctrl+E Center Alignment
Ctrl+R Right alignment
Ctrl+L Left alignment
Ctrl+J Justify alignment
Alt+Shift+D Insert Current date
Alt+Shift+T Current time
Ctrl+B Bold text
Ctrl+E Italic text
Ctrl+U Underline text
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Shift+. Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+, Decrease font size
Ctrl+Z Undo an action
Ctrl+Y Redo an action
Alt+S+T+I Insert Table of Contents.
Alt+W+R Show/Hide Ruler.
Alt+N+T+I Insert table
Alt+A+I+A Insert row
Alt+A+P Insert Column
Alt+A+D+R Delete row
Alt+A+D+C Delete column
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Split table
Alt+A+M Merge row and column
Alt+Shift+End Select enter row
Alt+Shift+PgDn Select enter column
Tab Move to next row
Tab+Shift Back to previous row
Alt+Shift+Arrow key Move column & row up and down
Delete Rejoin table
Ctrl+Shift+P Font size
Ctrl+Shift+F Font style
Ctrl+D Fonts
Menu Spell check
Ctrl+1 Single line spacing
Ctrl+2 Double line spacing
Ctrl+5 1.5 line spacing
Ctrl+Shift+G Word Count
Alt+A+S Sort Alphabetically
Ctrl+F2 Page preview
Alt+N+NU Insert page number
Alt+V+H Header and Footer
Cltr+H Find & replace
Cltr+G Find page number